Peake Holiday Set #1 (Pre-Order only at this time)

Peake Holiday Set #1 (Pre-Order only at this time)

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Rather than over load the market with special holiday releases one by one.  We have decided to offer 2 amazing bundles for the winter/fall season.

This is a pre order, shipping will occur once items are prepared. The Pre order will run approximately 1-2 weeks.


Peake Holiday Set #1 includes:

4 ounce Mornin Beard Buttah

4 ounce Mels 2.0 Beard Buttah

4 ounce Santas Stash Beard Buttah

Scent Profiles:

Mornin- Fresh hot cinnabon rolls, right from grandmas oven

Mels 2.0- Salted Caramel Coffee

Santas Stash- Apple maple bourbon with a hint of brandied pear

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